Retail Rundown

Brick & Mortar

Companies like Amazon and Grubhub are challenging convenience stores to stay relevant.  7-Eleven is still one of the top convenience stores in the industry and the company has started to make big changes. The company has established its own private label brand that has a wide selection of healthy and cheap snacks. Healthy and cheap, a combination you do not hear every day. 7-Eleven is also expanding their company with technology. Smart phone growth has allowed the company to deliver food in certain locations. The locations they’re trying to target include those who grew up with the Slurpee, anywhere from offices to dorms, you can now have 7-Eleven delivered. Will this be enough to compete with bigger retailers?

How Convenient are Convenience Stores?

Retail Technology

We keep talking about the new retail technology that is supposed to create a seamless shopping experience between online and in-store shopping, but is it helping? Look at Smart Mirrors, only 18 percent out of 1000 people said that they are helpful. Retailers are starting to think that by introducing fancy technology in their stores or online, they’re giving customers what they want. What do consumers really want out of retail technology?

Consumers Don’t Want Amazon or Google to Help Them Shop


Apple, one of the most globally known brands, is set to restructure their marketing campaigns. The company’s big brand campaigns have already made their mark on consumers but the company is looking for a more efficient way to market themselves. Apple is said to be teamed up with TBWA\Media Arts Lab to create more digital ads that speak at a more regional level. Apple has yet to comment on such changes but if you look at the company’s Youtube channel, they are shorter video ads that are more compatible with platforms like Facebook, and Instagram rather than television.

Apple Shifts Global Marketing Strategy

Fashion Statement

How Nike Became A Fashion Powerhouse

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