Retail Rundown

Holiday of Love

Consumers are predicted to be spending less on their love ones this year. Valentine’s day has been known as a gift-giving holiday. This year, people are looking to buy their significant other an experience rather than a fancy gift. Hiking, concert tickets, or a membership are key items being purchased this holiday. Could this be the reason why people are spending ten percent less than last years’ holiday sales?

Valentine’s Day Spending

Retail Technology

Reformation, a trendy eco-friendly clothing brand, is going digital, no more mannequins. This company is ditching the mannequins and attempting to make their stores feel just like their online platform. The Los Angeles retailer is expanding into San Francisco using digital touch screens to display product and smart mirrors in fitting rooms to assist customers. The digital side of Reformation is part of their signature brand; other retailers are still experimenting with digital technology in their stores. Will this trend continue to spread?

Reformation Is Everything Digital


Walmart is trying to create a more efficient buying process to close the gap between store and online merchandise. Trying to compete with Amazon, Walmart has decided to combine online and store orders. Suppliers who sell on both platforms were taking back because the retailers normally must to place two separate orders. Walmart believes that this will create efficiency and help improve their online selection.

Walmart Is Changing Their Buying Process


Former J. Crew Executive, Todd Snyder has opened the store all men have been looking for. Todd Snyder is a menswear designer who created a fashionable one-stop shop for men. The store carries J. Crew’s men’s line and other brands to complement it. The store is very fashionable and perfectly resembles the American man’s style. The store has everything a man would need, from fashionable clothes to tailoring, it has it all. The store will also be adding a Barber Shop and Bar to give men a full experience of products and service. Men finally have a store with everything they could need to keep up with the latest trends.

Todd Snyder- Perfect Store for Men

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