Macy’s Intern Summit

One of the highlights of my summer as a Macy’s intern was attending our intern summit in Los Angeles, California last week. Once in California I spent time learning about next steps with Macy’s and getting to know other Store Management Interns. I met interns from California, Arizona and Hawaii. It was so awesome to be able to discuss our experiences and learn more about different Macy’s stores across the U.S.

Day One of the Summit

Once Omar and I landed in L.A. we got settled into our hotel and headed to a large conference room to meet with the other interns. We were greeted by a very energetic College Relations team and lots of Macy’s goodies! Several dozen college campuses were represented and everyone was eager to get to know one another. We exchanged introductions and spent some time listening to a few presentations from different executives. After this part of our day concluded, we took a studio tour of Paramount Pictures and headed to a nice dinner at Universal Studios’ Studio Walk. It was a nice time to bond with other interns and get all of our questions answered by the College Relations Team.

Day Two of the Summit

Our second day of the summit tested the skills we had learned so far as interns. We went to the Sherman Oaks Macy’s and participated in a Deep Dive, only this time we were the Store Managers! We were expected to interpret several different sales and performance metrics and speak to those Macyson the floor as we visited  each department in our assigned area. I was specifically focused on the cosmetics and fragrances department, so it was my teammates and my job to identify different business opportunities and strengths in that division. After we evaluated our numbers and spent time on the sales floor observing the associates and environment, we put together a short presentation to give to our fellow interns and several Macy’s executives. This part of the summit was nerve-wracking, but such a good learning experience! It was nice to be able to work with other interns and show everyone everything we have been learning all summer!

After our Deep Dive concluded we headed over to the Los Angeles Food Bank for a Macy’s Partner in Time giveback event. We were provided with matching shirts and spent over two hours packing and sorting food to be distributed to local L.A. families and community centers in need. This was my favorite part of the summit because it really allowed all of us to work as a team and make a difference in the L.A. community. Everyone worked tirelessly moving boxes, checking labels and packaging the food in boxes for distribution. I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the local community and all of the wonderful staff at the Los Angeles Food Bank.

As I enter my last week as an intern, I am so grateful for all of the unique opportunities Macy’s has given me this summer! I have met so many wonderful interns from all over and cannot wait to see what we all do in the next chapter’s of our lives! Stay tuned, I’ll be recapping my entire summer next week once my internship officially concludes. As always, the views expressed in this blog are that of my own and do not reflect those of my internship sponsor.

I am a senior at The University of Arizona studying Retailing and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Business Administration. I am also a coordinator for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Peer Mentor program. This summer I am a store management intern with Macy’s at the Biltmore Fashion Park in sunny Phoenix. When I’m not at home with my dachshunds, you can find me daydreaming about the beach or waiting in line at the nearest Starbucks for a trenta peach green tea.