Diving Right in at Macy’s (Literally)!

My first week at Macy’s was nothing short of amazing!  I am assigned to the Ready to Wear (RTW) department, which consists of nearly the entire second floor of our store.  The Ready to Wear department includes women’s fashions such as: Ralph Lauren, INC, Alfani, Free People, Lucky, Eileen Fisher, Vince Camuto, BCBG, Sanctuary and Michael Kors among many others.  My mentor, Adrienne, has worked at Macy’s for 15 years in various management and non-management positions.  She is currently the RTW Sales Manager at the Biltmore.  We work really well together and everyday we learn something new about one another.  Last week I was able to participate in a store “Deep Dive” and work during a huge sale day.

Deep Dive Day at Macy’s

Essentially Deep Dive day is a day completely dedicated to understanding the store’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).  Several Macy’s executives, ranging from our District Vice President to our Regional Human Resource Manager, came to visit the store and review current trends, sales figures, and overall store performance.  The entire process takes all day to complete and is very involved.  We began our morning with a conference filled with our Visual, Merchandising and Asset Protection Managers; Vice-President Store Manager, and several other District Merchants and Managers.  The first part of the morning was basically outlining our day and discussing current business strengths and standings for the previous and current quarter.  This was a very interesting conversation that provided a lot of insight; I was very glad I had the opportunity to sit in on this conversation and even participate at times.  As our day progressed, we walked the floor and looked at different ways merchandise was being displayed to customers.  We discussed what was working for the store and which things still needed some refinement.Karlie diving in at Macy’s

After our walks concluded, my fellow intern and I were invited to lunch with our District Vice President, Regional Human Resources Manager, Vice-President Store Manager and Human Resources Manager.  We were able to “pick their brains” and ask them any questions we wanted.  This proved to be a big highlight of my day because we had the opportunity to hear about their journey at Macy’s and why they love Macy’s so much.  After lunch concluded, I met up again with my mentor, Adrienne, on our floor.  We had a busy afternoon coaching employees and ensuring we were meeting all of our goals for the day.

One-Day Sale Day

Father’s Day weekend marked a huge sale weekend for Macy’s!  We had hundreds of online orders to fill, hundreds of customers to greet and several big goals to reach.  This was my first time working during a big sale; it was all hands on deck all weekend.  While our department wasn’t incredibly busy, the Men’s department was constantly filled with customers.  I learned how well the Biltmore team works together because everyone had to be flexible and participate in order to have a successful weekend.  People filled in other departments, constantly fixed displays and greeted guests with a big smile!  I was pleasantly surprised to see how much fun I had working all weekend!

Looking Ahead

As I get ready to embark on my second week, I am looking forward to beginning my intern project.  I will be selecting a topic this week and working with my mentor to create and measure metrics and performance along the way.  I think this project will allow me to utilize some of my creativity and hopefully bring some new ideas to Macy’s as well!

I have landed my dream internship and I will be taking full advantage of this opportunity for the next eight weeks.  You can follow my journey as an intern all summer long through this blog, but please note the views expressed in this blog are not reflective of my internship sponsor’s views and are that of my own.

I am a senior at The University of Arizona studying Retailing and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Business Administration. I am also a coordinator for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Peer Mentor program. This summer I am a store management intern with Macy’s at the Biltmore Fashion Park in sunny Phoenix. When I’m not at home with my dachshunds, you can find me daydreaming about the beach or waiting in line at the nearest Starbucks for a trenta peach green tea.