It’s summer…time for retail internships

When one is in college, summer is usually time to sit back, relax, go to beach, get a part-time job and fill up the tank for the next academic year.  That’s what I did except I headed to the mountains in Colorado instead of the beach.  But, for many students in the retailing and consumer sciences program, summer means heading off to a summer internship instead.  This summer, three of our students – Jason Knode, Savannah Whitehead, and Karlie Fisher – will be taking part in three such experiences.  And, for the first time this summer, these three amazing folks will be chronicling their journeys through our website –

Jason is heading off to the northwest to work as a merchandising/buyer intern for REI.  Jason brings an amazing background – serving our country in the U.S. Army through deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  It will be great to read about a decidedly different challenge at REI but one for which he has a great passion.  Savannah is following Jason up to the northwest but stopping in Beaverton, Oregon where she will similarly be working as a merchandising/buyer intern for Nike.  This is a perfect fit for Savannah as she is also competes in the pole vault for the track and field team at the university.  Karlie is staying in sunny Arizona where she will be working as a store intern with Macy’s at the Biltmore Fashion Park.  Being in a store will suit her wonderfully as Karlie always has a smile on her face and brings great energy to all she does.

Each week, Jason, Savannah and Karlie will be posting about their experiences as they learn about their companies, the retailing industry and themselves most of all.  Follow along!

I am the Director of the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing at the University of Arizona and the PetSmart Professor of Practice. I am very passionate about teaching, being a Dad, barbecue and chocolate – not necessarily in that order.