Lundgren Center for Retailing – Voice of Retailing


The Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing (TJLC) at the University of Arizona holds a special place in the industry. 

There are several very important groups that come together at the Center.  The university’s retailing and consumer sciences (RCSC) students – around 500 strong – bring a great deal of passion and energy in their efforts to learn about and contribute to this exciting industry.  These amazing students are led by a faculty which brings tremendous engagement and dedication to guiding these students and to understanding the industry.  The faculty’s work is expanded and reinforced by the Center’s industry partners which include many of the country’s leading retailers.  All of these efforts are TJLC_Logo_Brickactively supported by many other members of the retail industry from across the country through a variety of activities including participation in the Center’s annual Global Retailing Conference.  And, in the middle of these interactions and discussions is the Center itself with a staff that is equally dedicated and engaged in making these varied voices heard.

Collectively, these parties do have much to say about how this vital industry is evolving.  And the unique value that these voices have is that there are, in fact, so many diverse voices in the mix.  This is not solely about the retailers’ voices driven by the competitiveness of such a vibrant industry.  It is not even solely about perspectives of a faculty driven by insightful research.  And, it is not only about the initial views of a student body guided by industry, faculty and their own initial experiences.  The voice of the Center is driven by all three of these perspectives and – as the saying goes – is enhanced by the “whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts” principle.

It is our hope that a genuine contribution to understanding this vital industry – from how youth and the emerging leadership they represent learn about this industry to how the leaders of our most recognized brands are guiding it now – can be realized by providing a place where all of these voices can be equally heard and considered.

Retail406 – named for the Center’s physical space – is the place where their voices can be heard on issues confronting and shaping the exciting and ever changing world of retailing.

Read, listen, watch and look at what they all have to offer.