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Will Amazon decide to sell prescription drugs online? will be deciding before Thanksgiving whether to move into the online selling and delivery of prescription drugs, and the news that the e-commerce giant could be entering the market sent shares of drug retailers Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid tumbling on Friday.

“We are convinced that AMZN will almost certainly enter the drug distribution value chain within 2 years, evolving into a more disruptive offering over time,” brokerage firm Leerink analyst Ana Gupte wrote in a note to clients.

Will Amazon Sell Prescription Drugs Online?

Face Recognition

You’re at an electronics store. You check out a few TVs and head home after being scanned by store cameras. This data is then cross-referenced with other databases that already contain your facial data. Your face is now the epicenter of a retargeting campaign. You don’t need to sign up or consent, you just need to have a face and be as indifferent as we all are on terms of use.

This isn’t some far-off scenario. It could play out within months. Apple is introducing facial ID capabilities with its iPhone X, due to ship next month.While Apple has asserted that your face data will stay on your phone, not in the cloud, terms of service can change. And Apple isn’t the only player in our selfie-obsessed society looking to leverage our facial data. Brands have been playing with face-changing games for ages — games that capture your facial data and use it to generate some kind of fun image or illusion. Any time your facial data is stored, there’s a possibility for resale and reapplication powered by machine learning through AI. So, what are some of the ramifications of giving up your face data?

AI-powered facial recognition will soon track us while we shop

Subscription Models

Under Armour is jumping on the fashion subscription box bandwagon with its latest offering, ArmourBox.

It’s the Baltimore brand’s first-ever subscription service, along with the lines of others such as Stitch Fix, Le Tote, Fabletics and Rent the Runway.

Under Armour’s box works like this. An “official outfitter” will pick four to six pieces of Under Armour gear that fits a customer’s profile, based on needs, style and goals, then send it out, either monthly or every 60 to 90 days.

Unlike some services, though, there’s no monthly fee, and no shipping or return fees, Under Armour says. Customers can take a week to try it all on, then pay for what they want to keep and ship the rest back. A 20 percent discount will apply if a subscriber buys everything in the box.

Under Armour Subscription Box

Retail Technology

Walmart has spent billions buying up websites like and ModCloth, and is investing in new technology as it goes head-to-head with

Now, Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is setting its sights on virtual reality.

Imagine this, says Katie Finnegan, who heads Walmart’s tech incubator: You need a tent for your next camping trip. If all goes to plan, you could one day virtually swoop into your campsite and see any given tent in action. “You could unzip it, lay down, look left and right and say, ‘Oh, this is supposed to be a two-person tent? It’s kind of tight,’ ” she said.

And then you could move on to the next tent — without leaving your couch.

Walmart’s Virtual Reality Investment

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