New York: “The point of maximum danger, is the point of minimum Fear” -Will Smith

Week three of my internship was very eventful. I spent most of my time in the office learning more about the business and the daily tasks of a buyer.

Brooklyn Street Art

I started my first project which consisted of pulling the best sellers in every one of the girls departments. There are five departments, big girls, girls active, little girls tops, bottoms and licensed goods. Pulling the top best sellers from each department was a great way for the buyers to see what items are selling the best each week. I pulled statistics like the sell thru, which is how fast they’re selling, the stock, the total sales and the average retail price.

I would organize my excel files accordingly and pull a bunch of information into a picture selling format. This was a lot of information to take in at first because I had to create a template and organize my work so other people could understand it.

The first time I did this project, it took me forever. I was so focused on not making a mistake that I overlooked the excel knowledge I’d acquired. When I got to the 3rd department realized I could have been using a shortcut. Simple mistake on my part, but you have to make mistakes to learn how to get something done more efficiently. I’ve already learned a lot during my internship and it has been exciting to see myself grow each week.

Lesson Learned

Besides spending time in the office, I’ve especially enjoyed attending the spotlight series that Macy’s provides to all the interns. This week, I took a Presentation Skills workshop where I learned what a good presentation consists of.

During the workshop, we discussed three platform skills necessary for presenting. I learned that your presentation success is determined by three things, it is 31% vocal tonality, 55% non-verbal, and 14% of the words you actually say. Watch this video of Will Smith and notice his tone of voice, his movement, and the words he actually speaks. This video was shown during the workshop and it really put everything into perspective for me.

The biggest issues people have with public speaking is the fear and anxiety that comes with it, but why is it so scary? It’s scary because we’re nervous about what people will think about us, and this idea of making a good impression. I used think it was all about the content you say and making sure you sound smart, but in reality, people are more easily distracted by your body language and the tone of voice.

One thing Will Smith does well in his speech on Sky diving, is his tone of voice and his hand motions. He draws you in and grabs your attention with his body language as he explains the fear building up to jumping out of a plane. Moral of the story, the most fear is accumulated in the process leading up to the fearful event. Once the fearful event occurs, you can encounter the most blissful feeling of your life.

For myself, coming to New York City I was really worried about making friends and my overall experience. I can honestly say now, in only the three weeks of being in the city, I have had multiple fearless moments that have allowed me to reach a high level of achievement. I’ve networked when I’ve felt shy, I’ve made new friends, explored the city, and I have loved every minute of it.

I am currently a senior majoring in Retailing and Consumer Sciences while minoring in e-commerce. I hold the position of Social Media Manager for the Terry J. Lundgren Center For Retailing at the University of Arizona, where I am responsible for creating social media platforms that not only enhance our brand but also educate the world about retail trends. I am what you call a Retail Enthusiast, I am intrigued by the way the retail industry is evolving and what it has to offer. In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors, yoga, good music, and good company.