Retail Rundown

Retail Sustainability

In 1993 Patagonia was the first company to turn recycled plastic bottles into a fleece. The company, once again, has gone to work extending the use of old clothes to lower the overall environmental footprint. The company is working with Worn Wear to collect old clothing and refurbish them to sell again. Patagonia has made the point to say that they are not concerned about losing profit if refurbished clothes are available. They’ve ran a campaign like this before and received great responses from customers. They’re main goal is to focus on each one of the R’s, reduce, reuse, recycle, one at a time.

Patagonia Wants To Refurbish Your Old Clothes

Retail Technology

Gap is implementing augmented reality on their app, DressingRoom. The San Francisco based retailer has worked with developers, Avametric and Google to create an app that allows customers to choose from five different body types and virtually try on clothes to see how they fit. Augmented Reality is the future of retail and Gap is getting a head start in the process, closing the gap between reality and a virtual world.

Gap Is Betting On The Future Of Augmented Reality Dressing Rooms


Retail stores have been and will continue to be under attack by pure play online companies as well as those fully pursuing an omni-channel strategy.  But, does this strategy – blending together physical, online, and mobile channels – really work?  A recent study shared by Harvard Business Review highlights that consumers who use multiple channels rather than just one are extremely valuable customers.  This enhanced engagement is vitally important as more traditional retailers continue their efforts to compete in this new retailing environment.

Omnichannel Retailing Really Works


Consumer shipment revenues have far transcended those in business-to-business for UPS in Q4.  E-Commerce efforts have grown so fast that United Parcel Service Inc. saw record package volumes in the fourth quarter and are expecting these numbers to rise again. The growth in demand for package delivery has led to a great deal of benefits and some challenges for the company. UPS is looking to upgrade their sorting centers and other facilities to keep up with the increasing demand E-commerce has brought to this industry.

UPS Hits Record Breaking Numbers In Q4

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