Retail Rundown

Supply Chain

9 Things You Need to Know About Drone Delivery

Retail Technology

Without the help of technology, companies would not have access to the enormous amounts of data seen in today’s industry. Walmart has created a data analytics hub, Data Cafe, to aid in faster resolutions of slumping grocery sales. The system has proved to be beneficial and more time efficient because recent transactional data can be viewed instantly. Problems are being solved faster and store operations are seeing less human error in planning and executions phases, saving the company time and money.

Walmart Uses Big Data to Boost Grocery Sales

Store Experience

With a strong force pushing for more e-commerce, store experience is just as important. Retailer are seeking different strategies on how to create a in store experience that their customers still need.  Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc. has quadrupled its annual revenue since going public ten years ago and has continued to capture market share form drug store retailer to high end department stores. No other retailer allow its customers to shop from a larger selection of beauty products, get salon, brow or other services done in one location.

Selfie Generation Turns Makeup Chain Ulta Into Rare Retail Star

Consumer Behavior

Gen Z – those individuals being born from the late 1990s to 2010 – will be an even larger generation than the often written and spoken about Millennial generation.  And, according to a NRF/IBM study, this generation still enjoys shopping in stores even given that they are the first truly digital native generation.  NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “They appreciate the hands-on experience of shopping in a store. Technology is constantly evolving but some shopping habits remaining the same, retailers need to be agile enough to serve both needs.”

Surprise: Gen Zs still shop in-store


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