The True Meaning of Work Life Balance

After attending a diversity workshop with my fellow Nike undergrad and graduate interns, one big take away from the event was the importance of establishing a work life balance. At Nike, not only do they say they value maintaining a life outside of work, they actually encourage and help their employees be able to step away from their job and have some fun. In other words, they put their money where their mouth is. Keeping that in mind, my fourth week at Nike was quite eventful in all the right ways.

An Incredible Speaker

Walking over to the Tiger Woods building on the World Headquarters campus on Friday with the rest of Jordan, I assumed I was heading into a meeting just like any other. Just maybe on a larger scale. Little did I know the treat they had in store for us! After a tasty breakfast spread, an introduction to all of the new Jordan team members (including yours truly), an overview of FY16 and the excitement of what is to come for 2017; we had the privilege of listening to the inspired words of Mr. Howard White himself! work life balanceFor those of you who are reading this and do not know who Howard “H” White is, not only is he the current VP of Jordan and a key contributor in helping launch the Jordan brand after being the primary liaison for MJ himself; he is also one of the most incredible public speakers I have ever heard. ‘H’ was most definitely speaking my language. While he would captivate you with the deep and emotional message about the power of hello, he would always cleverly sprinkle in his own charismatic humor and personality. How might he do this, you may be asking yourself? He so gracefully captured our laughter and our attention with the help from the words sung by none other than the lovely Adele in her song, Hello. Never have I witnessed someone so seamlessly intertwine laughter and awe while speaking with great motivation the words of a pop culture phenomenon. If you ever have the opportunity to listen to ‘H’ speak in person, I suggest you run, not walk to snatch up the best seat in the house!

A Relaxing Dinner

While Friday concluded shortly after our Jordan meeting, Saturday concluded with a casual yet sophisticated work gathering at my manager, Dave Schechter’s exquisite home. This was a small party meant to celebrate all of the hard work and accomplishments achieved by the Jordan Merchandising team as FY16 comes to an end. As the new kid in town I was so excited to be a part of the festivities! While other parties may say they start at 7, people typically show up later. But of course, not knowing how to gauge the arrival time, I decided to show up 5 minutes early and naturally, I was the first one there. Yet I wouldn’t trade a second of it! Showing up early allowed me the grand tour of their lovely house and the opportunity to meet his wife Tory and his two kids Dylan and Zoe. As more and more familiar faces started to arrive, rather than feeling out of place I felt completely in my element. I had already had the opportunity to meet everyone in the Jordan Merchandise team from the office and I am happy to have now had the opportunity to get to know them and their spouses in a more casual setting. I continue to be blown away by the incredible team that I work with!

After all of the excitement from the weekend getting to see a whole new side to the company and the people I work with, what could be a better way to enjoy the beautiful 80 degree Sunday afternoon than to float along the Sandy River with many of my Nike intern pals. Although, I must admit it could have been slightly better if I had not forgotten to put on some sunscreen. Needless to say my stomach somewhat resembles a roasted red pepper while my back appears to have never seen the light of day in over a decade. Nonetheless, it was an incredible week and eventful weekend building stronger connections with some amazing friends and co-workers.

Once again, it is important to note that the words I write in this post and the many more to come are of my own opinions and do not reflect that of my internship sponsor.

I’m a senior at the University of Arizona in the Retailing and Consumer Sciences major with a minor in Fashion Retailing. I’m also a full time student athlete competing in the pole vault, a member of the TJLC’s Student Advisory Board and a student leader for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This summer I will be a Merchandising intern for the Jordan brand of Nike in Beaverton, OR. I’m so excited for it!