Interns, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

As I sat and unpacked in my new home for the next eight weeks, I realized that I felt a lot like I did my first night without my parents as a freshman at the University of Arizona.  I was unsure of what was in store for me as one of the interns at Macy’s.  I was nervous to be in a new city and also very excited to get things going.  I reminded myself of why I took this leap of faith.  Why I decided to move in with my best friend for eight weeks in a city I had only ever visited a few times.  I reminded myself of how much I loved Macy’s.  And, I also realized how lucky I felt to be chosen as one of their summer interns.  That night I didn’t sleep much, but I knew I had to be up early to start my next adventure.

The Interns’ First Morning

It was 8:15am and I didn’t have to be at work until 9am, but I was absolutely terrified of being caught in traffic and showing up late, so I had already found the employee parking.  My nerves quickly subsided when I saw a fellow TJLC student pull into the parking lot, at least I would know someone among my fellow interns!  Together we waited for the management team to arrive.  This seemed to help my nerves a lot because now I knew we were in this together.interns at Macy's

As the management team welcomed the interns, I recognized a familiar face.  I had met the Vice President Sales Manager during recruitment and interviews.  I instantly felt relieved because I remembered how insightful and kind she was during that stressful period.  I started the morning with a tour of the store.  I also met my mentor.  We also got to know a little bit more about what to expect over the summer.  It was a morning filled with lots of information and excitement.

As the day progressed I sat in on two conference calls.  I was absolutely astounded by how much goes on in one store in just one day.  As the day winded down, our VPSM reminded us the most important things to do this summer.  They are to ask questions and to build strong relationships. And she is right. I asked more questions in one day than I can even count, but as I asked them my mentor began to better understand what my needs were and what things she needed to help me with more intently.

I did end up getting lost in the store once or twice (it’s three stories, who wouldn’t get lost at some point??) and had to ask for directions from other associates.  But I also realized that no one expected me to know everything my first day. This is a learning experience and everyone on the Biltmore team is here to help me learn and grow in more ways than one.

Going Forward

As I approach these next eight weeks, I intend to take full advantage of all the wonderful opportunities Macy’s has provided me.  I remind myself that I shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions this summer.  I plan to meet as many new people as possible, foster strong relationships with my mentors and start everyday with “big eyes and a strong voice” as Dr. Wood would say.

I have landed my dream internship and I will be taking full advantage of this opportunity for the next eight weeks. You can follow my journey as an intern all summer long through this blog, but please note the views expressed in this blog are not reflective of my internship sponsor’s views and are that of my own.

I am a senior at The University of Arizona studying Retailing and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Business Administration. I am also a coordinator for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Peer Mentor program. This summer I am a store management intern with Macy’s at the Biltmore Fashion Park in sunny Phoenix. When I’m not at home with my dachshunds, you can find me daydreaming about the beach or waiting in line at the nearest Starbucks for a trenta peach green tea.