Getting to Know You

After finishing my first 40-hour workweek as a full time Nike employed intern, it has been a whirl wind of ‘getting to know you’ opportunities. The past two weeks in Oregon have been filled to the brim with new introductions. These introductions have come in many different facets. Not only have I been meeting and making connections with my manager, co-workers and fellow interns, but I have also been introduced to the city, the culture of Oregon and all things Nike.

As a member of the 2016 summer internship class for Nike, it is incredible to share that we are 183 strong and among the lucky 1% of those who were able to obtain a spot out of a whopping 20,000 applicants. As such a diverse group of prospective employees, it has been a blast getting to know some of the other interns and finding so much common ground.  While we can all relate to the excitement of navigating the crazy new world of Nike, I have also been provided with a unique opportunity to connect with many other student athletes.  Since Nike is an athletic driven company, I have found that many of the interns are student athletes themselves.  This past weekend I was able to connect with a few other interns who are on track teams for Georgia, Duke and Texas.  While we all have different backgrounds, we all shared a common goal.  That goal was to go cheer on each of our respective teams at the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships at Hayward Field, a nearly two-hour drive from Beaverton.  While I started the day only knowing one person in the car, our four-hour road trip extravaganza allowed me to emerge with three new friendships and plans for many more adventures to come.

Not only has the University of Arizona and my current involvement in collegiate athletics allowed me to meet other interns but it has made it an easy way to connect with my fellow Nike co-workers and even my manager.  From the very first contact with my manager Dave Schechter, (VP Global Merchandising for Jordan Brand at Nike) I knew we would get along great when he introduced himself as a fellow Wildcat and U of A Alumni.  It has been such a pleasure to get to know Dave better this past week, he is so inspiring to speak to and has a burning passion for what he does that resonates with everyone in the office.  I have also enjoyed discovering many other University of Arizona alums that hold various roles and leadership positions throughout the company.

Aside from the more ‘traditional’ ways of meeting people, I would say the most fun I have had while getting to know my fellow co-workers has come about in the most unsuspecting of ways.  I really enjoy the opportunity to schedule meet ups over coffee or simply going around the office or sitting in on DTC (In layman terms: Direct to Consumer) and Merchandising meetings.  Although nothing says getting to know you like going for trail runs with another person on the Jordan merchandise team or relying on others while getting lost using the local public transit.  Getting to have the opportunity to know the people I work with both in the office and over activities like workouts or training clubs at Nike has allowed for more natural and genuine connections.  Yet no matter how I have come to meet each and every individual thus far, it is always inspiring hearing everyone’s unique stories, background and advise they have to share from their time at Nike.

I have gathered an extensive list of individuals that I intend to meet during my time here at Nike, and based on my current experiences; I cannot wait to get to know each and every one of them!

With everything being shared in these posts I would like to say, as Nike has taught me, I must “keep it tight”.  In other words, it is important to note that the words I write during my time at Nike are of my own opinions and do not reflect that of my internship sponsor.

I’m a senior at the University of Arizona in the Retailing and Consumer Sciences major with a minor in Fashion Retailing. I’m also a full time student athlete competing in the pole vault, a member of the TJLC’s Student Advisory Board and a student leader for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This summer I will be a Merchandising intern for the Jordan brand of Nike in Beaverton, OR. I’m so excited for it!